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With growing data trends and rapid adoption of analytics by enterprises everywhere, We have focused our emphasis not only on traditional BI report requirements...


With growing data trends and rapid adoption of analytics by enterprises everywhere, We have focused our emphasis not only on traditional BI report requirements, but also on Descriptive and Predictive analysis, Text Analysis, Optimization, Simulation, Interactive Visualization, Discovery of Data and Self-Service Analytics to produce insights that traditional approaches - query and reporting - are unlikely to discover.

Our Business Analytical solutions will transform the data into economic value by increasing operational efficiencies and thereby driving incremental revenue.

The objective of our Business Analytical solutions is to Design and Develop a platform that in turn provides insights that enable business users to make tactical decisions. As well as to establish, modify, or tune business strategies and processes in order to gain competitive advantage and improve business operations and profitability. We can communicate the business value of BI and Analytics. We can craft a winning strategy to quickly launch your BI initiatives. Maximize the business value of BI and analytics initiatives through the latest tools, technologies and techniques. Help you to get more out of mobile, social and cloud. Helps you to leverage on data to gain competitive advantage. Govern and control data and insights that are being shared. Help you to increase the use of established and emerging styles of analytics to create business value and competitive advantage.


"Analytics were one of the fastest growing technology trends and momentum is continuing to build"

   -- Deloitte Analytics' recent report, Analytics Trends 2015: A Below-the-Surface Look.

"Business analytics are becoming the air companies breathe and the oceans in which they swim"

   -- Deloitte Analytics

"Now businesses can be separated into those who take information and analytics to the next level, and those who are stuck with management reporting: the analytical divide."

   -- Bhavish Sood, Research Director and Summit Chair, Gartner


Instant answers to business questions Benchmark KPI values against average or target values to determine operational and strategic goals. Turn raw data into highly formatted, professional reports with guided interactivity Automated, accurate, real-time and parameterized reports that show the state of the business at this very moment. Reports can be elaborated to gain maximum insight to impact decision making. Ad-hoc reporting capability empowers self-service information access and interactivity. This will improve productivity and removes IT backlogs. Intuitive visual aids will enhance insights into data and enables easy analysis of underlying trends. Data is presented on an aggregated level where overall trends can be easily spotted and drill down to detail data on demand is available. What-if Analysis. Improve customer service and target high yield accounts Streamline operations and improve supplier and warehouse operations Identify successful marketing campaigns Improve response time to market trends and customer requests Decrease query and reporting time Reduce cost and anxiety over compliance Deliver true cost of goods and services Reduce strain on IT departments